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Rozafa Ferry & Accommodation
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Komani Lake Rozafa Ferry
Explore the beauty of Komani Lake
Rozafa Ferry, your first choice for boat trip around Komani Lake !!!
Koman - Fierza (Monday-Sunday)
Departure: 09:30 - Arrival:12:00
Departure: 15:30 Arrival 18:00
Fierza - Koman (Monday-Sunday)

Prepare For The Best Boat Trip Of Your Life

Discover Koman Lake From A New Perspective. Change Your Life Starting at €5 per Person
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Wir Sprechen Deutsch

Wir Sprechen Fließend Deutsch Sie sprechen nicht albanisch? Sie sprechen nur Deutsch? Das ist kein Problem. Wir werden Sie mit unserem fließenden Deutsch zu Hause fühlen. Durch die Tour wird es immer ein Deutscher Sprecher in Ihrer Nähe sein, der dir jederzeit helfen wird. Unsere Mission ist,...

We Speak English

We Speak Fluent English You don’t speak Albanian? You just speak English? That is not a problem. We will make you feel at home with our fluent English. Through the tour there will always be an English speaker near you that will help you in anytime. Our mission is to make sure you enjoy...

Ferry "Rozafa"

Ferry Line, everyday Koman-Fierze and Fierze-Koman Ferry “Rozafa” works from 5 April to 1 November. Rozafa Ferry is in function everyday with the directly official line: Koman-Fierze, and vice versa Fierze-Koman. By Koman it starts at 9:00 in the morning and returns  same day from...

Why Choose Us?

Rozafa Ferry, your first choice for boat trip around Komani Lake !!! Discover the lake from a new perspective and sail with us through the heart of one of the world’s great boat trips. What certain is, is that there is no better way to appreciate the beauty of the Komani Lake than from the vantage point of our Ferry. As you sail with us you will enjoy the magnificent and the picturesque view of Komani Lake. We offer you the Ferry to sail from Koman to Fierza and vice Versa, or small boats at your disposal to sail in different...

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Thank you so much for unique enjoynment!

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